Start your own Micro Task Campaign or Click campaign targeting users on the TimeWall network. Read more below.

Start a Campaign
How to Start a Campaign

Below is a step by step guide on how to start an advertising campaign on the TimeWall network.

1. Click the blue START A CAMPAIGN button below. You will be redirected to which is our reward site and advertising platform.

2. Once you have registered, go to the Advertise tab.

3. Add funds to your account.

4. You can then start creating either a Click campaign or a Task campaign. You have different targeting options such as Country, Device Type, Operating System, Browser and Gender. You can specify hourly and daily caps.

5. Once your campaign is approved, it will go live on the network.

NOTE: If you are an affiliate network and you wish to run offers on our site, please contact support via the Contact Us page to discuss integration options.

Start a Campaign